Ekkoshish Street Animal Welfare



Ekoshish NGO, after endeavoring to educate children of Faridabad, now aims to help the street dogs and cows of entire Faridabad by building shelters across the city and  to provide them with proper health care. We also aim to sterilize most dogs not only to control their population but also to minimize deaths of puppies due to car accident.

Some facts about dog Sterilization and Neutering.

  1. Dogs can be sterilised between the ages of 8 months and 7 years.
  2. If a female dog is actively mating or on heat, wait 7 days before sending her for surgery.
  3. Pregnant dogs can be aborted & sterilised upto 25 days of pregnancy, not after that. Please don’t force catchers to take those dogs. They will be sent back without sterilisation.
  4. Lactating mothers should not be sterilised till puppies stop drinking milk and can be safely kept for 5 days while their mother is gone.
  5. Sometimes dogs are already sterilised from before. Please check for a cropped ear or missing testicles in male dogs.
  6. It is always better though not compulsory if dogs, especially under 1 year, are vaccinated against distemper from before – you can choose to vaccinate them yourself minimum 3 weeks before sending for sterilization – sometimes dogs carry dormant distemper virus in their body from before which gets activated after surgery.
  7. If you suspect the dog is sick in any way, then wait for the operation. We strongly recommend a blood test – kidney and liver issues can only be determined with tests- you can get it done at a local vet before hand and send dog after that if reports are ok.
  8. Similar to any other surgical procedure for humans or animals, there lies a risk of complications/death during or following anaesthesia.

Ek Koshish aims to start the process of sterilization of desi dogs in Block B, Sector 11, Faridabad, Haryana. The donation link will open for all soon as we need your utmost support and help for the same.



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