Hypocrisy of Indian People

Indian people, mostly Hindu, follow Sanatana Dharma “the eternal religion” which teaches that God is omnipresent, omnipotent, that god is within each creature, that every soul is embodiment of God. Every Pandit would believe in this philosophy but would discriminate others on the basis of caste. Every individual person here in India  knows the theory of Karma (that whatever you do will come right back to you, if not in this life, then in next with with multifold effect) and yet, still they manage to discriminate  humans, animals, food, clothes, directions, land, waterbodies and almost every other thing you can think of.  Some humans are auspicious according to them and, some are not even touchable. Some animals are so godly, all demigods reside in them, some are beaten up with sticks, thrown stones at, if they come near them in search for food. Ironically, they are not even able to save the godly ones either.

According to Hindu religion, Sakti (who is goddess of energy) is considered to be the source of everything. She is the consort of Lord Shiva (who is that which is beyond shakti). Everything exists because of energy and yet they discriminate one Shakti with another.

Generally common Indian man bring religion as an excuse for their unwillingness to help anyone other than themselves.

It tears me to write this blog and it is my humble request for all to please stop discriminating souls. All the legends that teach us to discriminate are manipulating us to circle around in Maya. See the real truth. Know that everything whether living or non living is just made of atoms and if you would break your ego wall, you would know that we all just part of this soil and God have send you on this beautiful planet Earth not to build huge walls around yourself but have given us so much only so we can help others around us with clean hearts.