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Poverty-Stricken Man on the Roadside in India

Witnessing this sight is one example of what initially inspired Ek Koshish to establish itself as an NGO and bring relief directly to the needy. On a very hot day, around 45˚C (113˚F), under the scorching sun in the middle of the day, this disheveled individual battles the merciless hardships of life each and every day here in Faridabad. Of course, he is but one of the hundreds of millions of other individuals in India living like him. How can we reach out to such people? What can we do to improve their lives? Where do we even start? Undoubtedly, we all ask ourselves these questions each day, but few of us ever actually make steps in the right direction to lend a hand to anyone truly needed. Yes, we all want to help, and we are willing to help; but, how do we even set the gears in motion? This motivation to provide for the deprived is why we started Ek Koshish, which has been reaching out to such people for the past two decades. We tackle these human rights’ travesties to eliminate the elements of a vicious cycle, one that dooms more people to lead a life as this man currently leads his. We urge you to contact us if you too are willing to help improve India for all of its inhabitants!