About us

Who we are

Ek Koshish’s goal is to spread global awareness of the needs of the underprivileged in Faridabad through service and support. It is our supreme responsibility to safeguard that any contributions or financial endowment through Ek Koshish properly reach their intended target, the people of Faridabad.

Our Mission 

  • Discover programs that require Ek Koshish’s backing
  • Connect any good Samaritans or volunteers, local and foreign, with those in need of collaboration and advancement
  • Preserve our rich Indian culture and heritage
  • Take heed of our natural environment by promoting conservation techniques and making strides towards ecological restoration

About our team

  • Ek Koshish was started by R Jain and P Jain, a couple in Faridabad. They wanted to help those who endured the hardships as they endured together when they had little as well. Having been involved in charitable organizations with Ek Koshish since 1991, it has become the widespread NGO it is now known as today.
  • R  initiated Ek Koshish with the ambition to relieve the unimaginable hardships of the truly needy. Now that her children are mature and more independent, she has materialized her aspirations through founding and dedicating her time to Ek Koshish.
  • P Jain worked in the central government for 12 years, before working in private practice in Delhi as an attorney. He supports Ek Koshish with the legal intricacies of the operation, while he often volunteers his own time to improve the projects near and dear to him at Ek Koshish. He was also instrumental in establishing a shelter for stray animals and needy cows in the outskirts of Faridabad.
  • A J who is an attorney in Hon’ble High Court of Delhi working as a  Partner in a Law firm located in Delhi NCR. She is supporting Ekkoshish NGO by working on various new programs to make life more sustainable for everyone in Delhi NCR region.
  • Justin Ben-Hain, our first foreign volunteer, graduated with a degree in biological and environmental engineering at Cornell University in 2009. Since September of 2009 through March of 2011, Justin had been volunteering through five different major international volunteering organizations in Delhi NCR; yet he came to India again in 2011 looking for a more effective way to reach out to Faridabad’s desperately needy, who have touched his heart. Once he learned about our NGO, he decided to participate with us while he is still in India. He is only too happy to share his experiences and insights with anyone interested in helping Ek Koshish. If you are interested in contacting him, please feel free to email him at jbenhain23@gmail.com.
  • All of us, including our volunteers, regularly update our blog to circulate news about our current activities.

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