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Hypocrisy of Indian People

Indian people, mostly Hindu, follow Sanatana Dharma “the eternal religion” which teaches that God is omnipresent, omnipotent, that god is within each creature, that every soul is embodiment of God. Every Pandit would believe in this philosophy but would discriminate others on the basis of caste. Every individual person here in India  knows the theory of Karma (that whatever you do will come right back to you, if not in this life, then in next with with multifold effect) and yet, still they manage to discriminate  humans, animals, food, clothes, directions, land, waterbodies and almost every other thing you can think of.  Some humans are auspicious according to them and, some are not even touchable. Some animals are so godly, all demigods reside in them, some are beaten up with sticks, thrown stones at, if they come near them in search for food. Ironically, they are not even able to save the godly ones either.

According to Hindu religion, Sakti (who is goddess of energy) is considered to be the source of everything. She is the consort of Lord Shiva (who is that which is beyond shakti). Everything exists because of energy and yet they discriminate one Shakti with another.

Generally common Indian man bring religion as an excuse for their unwillingness to help anyone other than themselves.

It tears me to write this blog and it is my humble request for all to please stop discriminating souls. All the legends that teach us to discriminate are manipulating us to circle around in Maya. See the real truth. Know that everything whether living or non living is just made of atoms and if you would break your ego wall, you would know that we all just part of this soil and God have send you on this beautiful planet Earth not to build huge walls around yourself but have given us so much only so we can help others around us with clean hearts.


Why do we become so selfish?

Why Do We Become So Selfish?

Today I am compelled to share a heart touching incident with the whole world which I learned a few days back. Two children (real brother and sister) used to read in school with the aid of an organization. Their father was a drunkard and mother used to do petty household jobs. There were other 2-3 brothers and sisters. Elder sisters had been married in tender ages. Elder brother too used to do the menial job in his tender ages. This girl was a very week child and used to live in dirty and torn clothes. The same position was that of the boy as well. One day, the persons of this organization saw these kids on the hungry and thirsty state in the boiling road in scorching heat in May 2011. They were in bare feet. Only God knew, how they used to walk with bare feet. That person of this organization went to their parents and requested to get these kids to join Ek Koshish. Initially, the father was not ready, though the mother was ready. Father raised questions like who would pay for, what would be the benefit of all such a ‘drama’, our forefathers were illiterate and lived a life like ours and we too would do the same, etc. Anyhow, he was convinced that if they become educated, they would change their lifestyle and thinking and the entire family would be able to live with dignity and pride. Anyhow he started sending these two kids to this organization. They required thorough one to one personal attention as they were totally backward, lacking confidence and in short knew nothing. It was as if they were from a different illiterate world.

Though it was a herculean task to inculcate them, but this challenge was accepted as a solemn duty by that entire organization. Special attention, hours and hours every day, were given on all areas for their development and growth. For the first six months, they could not even understand the basics. But after six-seven months, when they had shed inner fear from their brain, both started doing wonders and started learning alphabets, etiquettes, and manners…. They started doing anything like a kid from higher society even they started dreaming of becoming a doctor or teacher etc.

In 2012, taking their growth, they were got admitted in a good public school by this organization. In short, surprisingly they did very well and both were among the first five in their classes. In sports, music, and dance also they had started doing well. Everyone was happy to see their growth.

But all of sudden in 2014, their father refused to send them to school. On being asked he excused that he could not do any work know and as such he wanted these kids to do some work to support his day to day life. It was very sad and surprising. Ultimately he withdrew these kids from public school in spite of fervent appeals of all volunteers from this organization.

One day what was seen, was shocking! The girl, in her tender age, was doing work as a maidservant with her soft hands in a big house on a monthly petty wage and the boy was compelled to join some tea/coffee stall to clean the utensils…how pathetic it was. Destiny had crumbled upon them!

Just think about who spoiled their life- parents, luck, God or anything else? Why we are so selfish? Why do we not come out of our selfish motifs even in the matter of our kids? Was that the duty of a parent towards his own kids? Could liquor lead to such a downfall of a person? Could the rich class be so merciless to have kids to keep them their slaves in their tender age?

Though I am busy in preparation for my exams this is haunting me like a ghost! I am disturbed and still thinking for the right answer… 

Anubhuti Jain
Ek Koshish one attempt