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I am working with this wonderful NGO for the last 2-3 years as and when I get time and also during my vacations. the prime motif of this NGO is – imparting education to the children coming from the down most strata of society, for  their all round growth of those who could never dream of getting education and become like us. It is a wonderful experience for me to teach these children. It is of immense pleasure to play with them, to listen their thoughts about life…. really a new world for me which has changed a lot of my thought process. it is not only peaceful but also seem to provide a meaning to my life as well when I am with them. It is really soothing and exciting to see them growing in such a different atmosphere. Alas everyone the world could contribute like this to eradicate illiteracy and poverty from this beautiful earth.

It is true, illiteracy is the real cause poverty and slavery which in turn results into human miseries. If  we the well off people pay a little attention to these people who lead an  illiterate life, I am sure wonders can happen on the earth…………….. But I unable to think as to why we all do not think like this and remain busy in ourselves. No one thinks about the causes of such illiteracy so no body thinks about solutions to this gigantic problem that has made more than 70 % population of the world illiterate…………….

Any way, this year also in the summer vacations, I have joined this organisation to be with these innocent children and would be sharing my experience on my blogs at least for the time I remain here. ….


Anubhuti Jain

Ek Koshish one attempt

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It is rightly said in our scriptures : SHIKSHA DAAN MAHA DAAN (Gift of education is biggest one) 
Entire team of Ek Koshish feels happy and proud as the children (presently 9) whom  they have been teaching for 3-4 months are at least now ready for being compared with other school going children of the society. The Children at Ek Koshish have now started showing their keen interest in study. Some of the children has learnt alphabets, counting, reading and writing  words  etc along with some Hindi and English rhymes. They have also learnt manners.  As such in their attempt to prepare and provide proper education to the children coming from slums and under privileged society, the members of Ek Koshish have performed a commendable job appreciated by many in the society.  As a result of tremendous efforts of the entire team of Ek Koshish,  some of the public schools have shown their keen interest in giving admission to these children after judging the educational temperament of these students whom the team of Ek Koshish  has been preparing  and tuning by giving personal  one to one attention on each and every child.  If these children are sent to public schools, Ek Koshish would undertake the responsibility to bear all the expenses to be incurred on the education of these children at those schools. We hope that we shall continue in our endeavour with the co-operation and assistance provided by all our workers, members and patrons.
Congratulations to the entire team of ‘EK KOSHISH one attempt‘ ……. as our little attempt is going to be successful….
EK KOSHISH one attempt
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